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Protoway offers a full range of prototyping service, based on product quality and on time delivery, thanks to  the experience and professionality of our staff, to modern technologies, to methods and material research, to the reliability and expertise of our partnerships.

The founder and owner ing. Alessandro Mineo (industrial-engineering with a focus on materials) pours his experience gained in his career, from injection moulding of thermoplastics, quality control and production through processing statistics, to the complete and total production of prototypes. From 3D files repair to the design of productive activities, involving sintering, machining, bricolage, vacuum casting, painting, lost wax casting and whatever is necessary to achieve the finished product. The continuous contact with the customer, the exchange of technical information trade relations, perpetrated in various sectors such as electrical, telecommunications, automotive, furniture, optical, electrical, sporting goods, medical, research design and planning, have led to knowledge across the board of prototyping. The many courses to refine and improve management skills (marketing, production control, management of human resources) are more than purely technical (CAD, construction moulds and vacuum casting, lost wax casting, safety at work).

PROTOway consists of a team of technicians and staff motivated, dynamic, solidly prepared and with decades of experience in the field, which guarantees to meet the requested demands.

Protoway di Ing. Alessandro Mineo s.r.l. Uninominale
Via del Laghetto, 33 - 33080 Porcia (PN) Italy
Tel / Fax +39 0434 923296 - Mobile +39 392 7083386
Partita Iva e Numero registro imprese: 01573810932
Cap. Soc. € 15.000 I.V.
NUMERO REGISTRO AEE - IT09100000006299

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Protoway di Ing. A. Mineo S.r.l.
Via del laghetto, 33
33080 Porcia (PN) Italy
P.I. 01573810932
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