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Lost wax casting

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Lost wax casting
The wax casting uses identical models of the production piece. These models are commonly called waxes, they are realized in special materials which are studied  to liquefy or burn at relatively low temperatures without releasing ashes or residues.
The waxes are used to realize a frame well-known as cluster. This waxed frame is drowned in a motionless material and then placed for cooking. During cooking the refractory solidifies and dissolves, leaving a cavity identical of the piece to be realized.
With this system you can fill with aluminum (if the mold is of plaster) or with steel (if the mold is of ceramic). The ceramic mold is considerably strong but to create it, a very long procedure is required.


Aluminium Casting Alloy (GAlSi10 - A 357)
Casting of steel (C40 - AISI 304 - AISI 316)

up to 350 mm

Building time:
about 11 to 12 working days.

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