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We realize your ideas!

Have an idea but do not know how to realize it? We'll do it! For a quotation we need some simple data:


What do you want to realiza? Just send us one of the following files:



a dimensioned drawing also done by hand or dimensioned photograph
(scanned your drawing and save it in image format BMP, JPG, TIFF, etc..)



a file in 2D (dwg, dxf, ecc.)
(remember to indicate the scale of the design and the unit of measure.)



a file in 3D (stl, igs, stp, ecc.).



What? indicated that the result you want



"Aesthetic" (not functional)
You need to make trade shows, presentations, photos, etc.? Just then a description aesthetics.
(Es. to specify the color if you want glossy or satin if you want it transparent or rubbery etc..)



"Functional" (not aesthetic)
You need for a functional test, control design, etc.? Just then a technical description.
(Es. should resist mechanical forces, thermal, chemical and so on. or have dimensional requirements)



"Aesthetic and functional" is an object with aesthetic function a) and functional b)



The quantity?



Indicate the quantity of the items you want and we will offer the technology more convenient.



Your details



You need your personal information to be contacted
(name, surname, telephone number, etc.)



Authorization processing personal data: Privacy (copy the text below and paste it on e-mail)



With this e-mail expressly agree, in accordance with art. 13 D. Lgs n. 196/2003 "Law on Personal Data Protection", the processing of personal data for the purposes and within the limits permitted by current regulations


At any moment you can modify or cancel your data by writing to info@protoway.com. Protoway of Ing. Alessandro Mineo s.r.l. guarantees the confidentiality and proper use of personal data communicated by the remote users.

Send an e-mail to info@protoway.com with the above information:

Protoway di Ing. A. Mineo S.r.l.
Via del laghetto, 33
33080 Porcia (PN) Italy
P.I. 01573810932
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