Aesthetics of prototypes

To meet the aesthetic demands in the demanding automotive, motorcycle and household appliances sectors, we have specialized in the surface finishing of prototypes, in order to provide the aesthetic result exactly requested by the customer.

We are therefore able to supply, for all prototypes:

Aesthetic painting : provides several levels of grouting, finishing and primer application before painting in the required color.
Sample paints are available, glossy, opaque, pearly, chameleonic and with a rubbery effect.

Cubicatura : application of pre-printed films (also on order with your design), to give any aesthetic: wood, aluminum, carbon, circles, flowers etc.).

Metallization: We can give prototypes (also sintered) an appearance similar to chrome plating for the prototype production of lights, radiator grilles, taps and components in general. (metallization chamber dimensions: diameter 450 mm for a length of 800 mm).

All this to offer the demanding customer a prototype easily able to face any event where aesthetics make the difference (fairs, exhibitions, presentations, photo shoots etc.)