Wall shelf for CDs, DVDs, Blurays

The shelf, made of aluminum, is available in two sizes:
large (about 1m x 1m)
column (about 1m x 15cm).

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This CD shelf was created to meet the need to store a large number of CDs, DVDs, blurays, in the smallest possible space.

The shelf, made of aluminum, is available in two sizes: large and column.
It is modular, i.e. I can place several shelves side by side in a harmonized way (approx. 15mm joint).
The large capacity is approximately 693 CDs (99 for 7 shelves) or 450 blurays or 380 DVDs (76 for 5 shelves), with standard cases.
The capacity of the column is approximately 105 CDs (15 on 7 shelves) or 50 blurays or 75 DVDs (7 on 5 shelves), with standard cases.

A peculiarity of the shelf, when used with CDs, DVDs, Blurays,
is that the shelves are “almost invisible” as in addition to being thin, they are a little retracted inwards, and are not noticeable when viewed from top to bottom (obviously when the shelf is completely full).

The shelf can contain any small object, within certain weight limits,
such as a collection of funkos or car models, puppets, audio cassettes, dat tapes etc.

It is possible to customize the shelf with birch plywood finishes (approx. 15mm each).

CDs, DVDs, blurays, other furniture, objects and various furnishings shown in the photos are not included in the supply and only for show purposes.

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