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Bookcase speaker with 4-inch Fullrange speakers.
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Bookshelf speaker based on Nagaoka BS-10 design, with 4-inch Fullrange speakers.
The initial project was customized and adapted to the need to have a handcrafted acoustic box with a refined design.
The cabinet is built in birch plywood with an internal sound-absorbing panel in poplar.
The peculiar feature of the piece of furniture is a construction in which the joints of the boards are “invisible”, ie made on the edges.
This distinctive construction allows us to offer an aesthetic customization suited to the customer’s taste.
It is available a version with sharp edges without joints and one with rounded edges which, thanks to the invisible joints,
it shows the lines of the multilayer with continuity, without interruptions.
Extensive customization of the furniture is available in terms of colors and finishes.

The cabinet is built for 4 “single way drivers, with 116mm round seat.
The speakers have been tested in the laboratory with different types of drivers, and a passive filter has been suitably made to emphasize the sound, returning a very large sound stage and a sound without nasality, with sweet mids and an excellent response at highs. frequencies, airy and extended.
Even at low listening volumes there is excellent micro dynamics.
For its size it is truly amazing.

18mm birch plywood cabinet, with “invisible” joints
Overall dimensions 186x186x266mm approx.

Choice of Color :
Impregnating colors: (you can see the grain and the layers of the wood) with 2 coats of transparent varnish.

1) Birch

2) Walnut
3) Cherry
4) RAL color
Special colors : Fully opaque color or customized requests

Choice of the type of Edges :

Edges can be
Edge 1 : sharp edge with invisible joints
Edge 2 : with rounded edge made with a radius of about 12 mm
Corner 3 : with rounded corner made with a radius of about 18 mm

Choice of Driver Type :
Driver 1 : Driver Audio Lab DQ40TZF-02 – Single track white color, double cone with ogive – Impedance 8Ohm, Frequency Response 61-18500Hz, Nominal Power 12W
Driver 2 : Driver Tang Band W4-937SF – Two-way coaxial, black color – Impedance 8Ohm, Frequency Response 65-20000Hz, Nominal Power 25W
Driver 3 : Driver Tang Band W4-1337SDF – Titanium single track, with ogive – Impedance 8Ohm, Frequency Response 70-20000Hz, Nominal Power 12W


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