fine Arts

Statue of St. Michael and the dragon
Above the photos of the original statue and the sintered copy. The original statue was 3D scanned, then computer processed and finally sintered. The various parts of the sinter are joined and the statue is filled with resin. A sturdy statue is obtained which is subsequently painted with primer and then hand-finished in every detail and ready to be painted.

Creation of two replicas of statues of popes. We start from the original which is reverse engineered and from the 3d file obtained the statue is produced by sintering the PA and then assembled, resin-coated, strengthened, filled and painted.
Statues exhibited in the town of Orvieto.

Horse statue
Starting from the original equestrian statue, by the artist Calogero Condello , using reverse engineering, we have obtained 3D files of the statue.
Then we started SLS sintering and got a nylon copy.
It is possible to obtain replicas in scale (larger or smaller) and with different materials.

Statue of Christ
We scanned and a reduced-scale replica of the Christ overlooking the facade of the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Cordenons, on the occasion of its conservative restoration.