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Business Team

“The founder and owner ing. Alessandro Mineo (management engineering with specialization on materials) pours into the company all the experience acquired in his career, from injection molding of thermoplastics, to quality control and production process through statistical processing, to complete and total production of prototypes: from repairing 3d files to programming production activities, involving sintering, mechanical processing, DIY, vacuum casting, painting, investment casting and anything else necessary to achieve the finished product. The continuous contact with the customer, the exchange of technical information and commercial relations, perpetrated in various sectors such as household appliances, telephony, automotive, furniture, optics, electromechanics, sporting goods, medical, design and planning studios, have led to a wide-ranging knowledge in the prototype field. The numerous courses followed to refine and improve management skills (marketing, production control, human resources management) are flanked by the more strictly technical ones (CAD, mold construction and vacuum casting, investment casting, safety at work).

Alessandro Mineo • FOUNDER